A Saturday in March

We went to the New England Aquarium and then came home to get ready for a rave that evening.
2003_0322_145234AA 2003_0322_145249AA 2003_0322_145357AA 2003_0322_145829AA 2003_0322_150040AA
2003_0322_150817AA 2003_0322_150844AA 2003_0322_151909AA 2003_0322_152218AA 2003_0322_152223AA
2003_0322_152228AA 2003_0322_153209AA 2003_0322_153309AA 2003_0322_153337AA 2003_0322_153342AA
2003_0322_153405AA 2003_0322_154248AA 2003_0322_205221AA 2003_0322_205229AA 2003_0322_205707AA

Other pictures

fortheravers had someone wandering around taking pictures during the rave, and silas7 was kind enough to collect the ones where they caught our group: Posted to livejournal: